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Producer, DJ and Sound Engineer

Euphonique has over 10 years experience as a professional DJ, perforin internationally at renowned clubs and festivals. Her productions have been featured on a number of big Drum and Bass, Jungle and Reggae labels, radio stations and TV channels, and she is our main recording engineer here at the studio, specialising in Ableton, Logic X  and Native Instruments. She also  hosts  a weekly show on Origin UK (London) whilst running Subwoofah Records & Events. 


Producer and DJ

Epicentre is either in the studio or... in the studio these days. Hvaing been featured in various top 5 releases on some of the biggest imprints in Drum and Bass and Jungle, and a nomination for track of the year in 2016, tyou can trust that his production game is strong! Specialising in Cubase, hardware sampling and synthesis. On top of this Epicentre DJs - performing internationally at some of the best events on the scene and working as Artist L 


Producer and  DJ 

With releases on some of the biggest imprints in Drum & Bass, tracks featured on some of the biggest stations in the world - and international gigs every other weekend, this guys is beyond smashing it right now.  Specialising in FL Studio, Sampling, and Arrangement -Bou can teach you some of the tricks of the trade and, and give you honest feedback on your work. 

Diligent Fingers

DJ / Lyrical Don / Producer

Being in the game for over 10 years - with experience performing for some of the biggest Drum and Bass and Hip Hop promoters in the UK as both a DJ and MC - Dilly knows his stuff! He is also a profound producer and recording engineer specialising on Logic X and Native Instruments. Diligent has a number of releases on his own imprint and other labels, and his vocals  are on a number of chart topping tracks DnB tracks. 


Producer and DJ

Producing on Logic - with releases out on his own vinyl and digital imprint, with regular plays on Radio 1xtra and Rood FM .  Luke specialising in mixing and mastering his own and other tracks ready for release and radio play.

Jack Red Eye Hifi

Producer / DJ / Business

Producing on Logic - with releases out on his a number of labels - working regularly with well known vocalists and, regular plays on Radio 1. Jack specialises in vocal recording and mixing tracks. 


Lyrical Don

With a number of self contained releases and vast experience performing throughout the UK as an M, Desai is experienced in working with young people and adults in writing lyrics, recording  and producing vocals

Kovert Sound

Producer, DJ and Sound Engineer

An experienced Live and recording engineer, with releases on a number of big imprints and Doing at festivals and clubs throughout the UK - Kovert Sound specialises in Ableton, Synthesis and Live bands.

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