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Subwoofah Records: Embarking on a mission to represent the underdog in drum and bass, amplifying jungle roots and fetching success in shaping the genre's future.

Subwoofah Records is on a mission to give voice to the underdogs of the drum and bass community, while staying true to the genre's rich jungle origins. Founded by Euphonique, our journey began as a humble club night in Manchester back in 2009. Since then, we've grown into a leading presence in the North-West nightlife, and in 2013, we unleashed our full potential as a thriving record label.

With a track record of top 10 hits and even securing the coveted number 1 spot, Subwoofah Records has firmly established itself as a respected and influential player in the drum and bass scene. Along the way, we've been instrumental in launching the careers of several drum and bass luminaries, forming a tight-knit pack of talented artists including SL8R, Motiv, DJ Hybrid, Epicentre, Euphonique, K Jah and Aries.

At Subwoofah Records, we're committed to nurturing emerging talent and providing a platform for artists who may have been overlooked elsewhere. We're all about giving the underdogs their well-deserved chance to shine. Our pack is a diverse mix of established acts and rising stars, united by their passion for drum and bass music.

While we honor the genre's jungle roots, our explorations go far beyond. Embarking on sonic adventures, we aim to work with emerging artists to keep the drum and bass genre alive and thriving. We approach each release with a dogged determination to push the boundaries, ensuring that the music we release resonates with fans worldwide.


June - Three student DJs – Euphonique, Ainsley K and Greenuff - launch a multi genre bass music event - Subwoofah - as a university project and run their first event, it grows from a small capacity student event to a monthly successful Manchester brand in under a year.







Subwoofah joins Unity Radio 92.8FM with head honcho Euphonique presenting the weekly radio show – the events grow and they collab with other local promoters, grow the team further and step up their line ups - featuring the likes of Top Cat, Serum, Marcus Visionary, Jumping Jack Frost, Serial Killaz, Simon Bassline Smith and many many more over the next year.











On the anniversary of the first event - Subwoofah Records is launched, following both Euphonoique & resident S Man being sent a wealth of music via the radio – focusing on the talents on Epicentre – SW001 is released and the label is born; the first two releases go straight into the top 10 DnB Charts.


Euphonique joins Rood FM and London’s Westside Radio.




Subwoofah joins DnBRadio with head honcho Euphonique presenting the weekly radio show. S Man’s Rava Flava EP hits NUMBER 1 in the Juno Download hardcore charts!!! Event’s quieten down as the label and DJs become incredibly busy.



Euphonique joins London’s Origin UK Radio with the Subwoofah show – breaking into the London scene a DJing regularly at Jungle Splash and Rough Tempo.


With the help of our amazing followers – we raise £5000 to launch a CIC and alongside Bee Creative, with sponsorship[ from Capital Xtra, run the Subwoofah Summer Sound School. In October we take on new premises for and launch the recording studio, live stream service and professional one to ones and workshops: Subwoofah Studio, TV and Academy is launched.

2023 - RELAUNCH - 10 YEARS!




Euphonique takes over and Subwoofah as a Jungle and Drum and Bass event and resident DJs are taken on board… Events continue to grow and our residents are recognised and play up and down the country.




Subwoofah goes on tour!! Euphonique is runner up in the Skiddle DJ of the Year Awards – performing at Wickerman festival alongside Fabio, later in the year performing at Creamfields and The Dirty Weekender. Subwoofah artists Euphonique & S Man go on a European tour – performing in France, Barcelona and Cerdayola.


Subwoofah tracks are featured on TV – ITV and Channel 4 use some track on their TV programmes.



K Jah’s Fix Dem on Subwoofah Records hits NUMBER 1 in the Track It Down charts!!


Subwoofah visits Finland for a mini tour – Euphonique and S Man represent the brand at a number of nights.


This year sees the likes of DJ Rap, Nicky Blackmarket, Dillinja, Storm and more gracing our stages and we celebrate 5 years of Subwoofah is celebrated at our Bday event!



Euphonique takes the Subwoofah brand on tour around South East Asia – representing at events in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.


Our artists are recognised in the We Love Jungle Awards - Euphonique is nominated as best female Jungle DJ, Epicentre is nominated as best track of 2016 and K Jah is nominated as best breakthrough producer and DJ!


 COMING SOON - but info on the studio, what we did over lockdown and our move to Bristol :P




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