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Interview with MOTIV

September 22, 2015

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Interview with MOTIV

September 22, 2015


Having recently signed 18 year old producer and DJ from Carlisle we thought we better catch up! Check out our interview with the young man himself on the Sub-Woofah website as we talk production, studio set ups, growing up, guilty pleasures and inspiration for his music...


Hello Motiv and welcome to the team!


First up, tell us a bit about your history, when did you get into music and eventually Drum and Bass?

I got into hip hop at an early age and was always feeling the Instrumentals. I was amazed by the DJs and turntables and wanted to do it myself. Eventually i was given 1210's to practice on with my brother and things progressed from there. One of the first DnB tracks that I heard was the Zinc's remix of 'Ready Or Not' and I've been a DnB head since! I've delved into other genres like dub, house and garage and enjoy producing different styles, but nothing can compete with Drum and Bass.


Which artists, labels or brands have inspired you and why?

Suprisingly, a huge influence for me was Netsky. Every tune was different but had his style and its pretty sad that he kinda lost it and hasn't brought anything new since. Konichi is also a big favourite of mine, he is probably the most versitile producer I've heard. Engima Dubz has also been a huge inspiration since the start. My big brother has also shown me the way from a very young age so big up to him too!


So when did you decide you wanted to work in the music industry and how did you put it into progress?

Ever since I started producing I wanted to be a part of the industry. Its never just been a hobby for me its more of a way of life. I started getting my tunes out there when I was producing dubstep, I was getting good feedback so just kept progressing. I also went to college and studied Music Tech which has helped me see what the industry has to offer and develop my skills.


How did you start producing and how has your production style and process changed since you started?

I started producing when I got my first laptop at the age of 12 - I remember downloading FL Studio 8 and I never really knew what to do with it untill my brother showed me. It took me a while to learn the software inside out and then I just started to find my own way of doing things and creating my own style from it. Since then I've been using Ableton which has helped me get my ideas down pretty quick and is very user friendly. My style of production hasnt really changed but the genres I make have.



 Tell us about your current studio set up, are you mainly software based, hardware based and are there any particular synths or samplers you like?

I've got a laptop running Ableton and FL studio on and a Samson PA System which I've had for about 3 years. I mainly create my sounds in Massive and Serum but I also sample within Ableton. 


As a young DJ, what are your thoughts on the analogue vs digital argument? Do you play vinyl or strictly CDs etc?

I play CD's but my first ever set of decks were 1210's. I think vinyl rules but times are changing and it is so much easier for a DJ to bring cds or USB. In my opinion, anyone can be a DJ now if they have the money for a controller or whatever but back in the day you had to be commited to it which you dont really see anymore. 


What is your musical guilty pleasure?

Mac Demarco has to be my guilty pleasure hes probably my favorite musician atm


What is your favourite dub tune to play out at the moment?

Has to be a Field of Vibrations by Konichi! It's Jump Up but goes off every single time!


In terms of the release, how would you best describe the sound and what was your inspiration for the tunes? 

I think 'The Beginning' was something different. I wanted to make a roller as i had not for a while and i wanted it to be simple yet effective with loads of FX and atmosphere. Climber was one of those unfinished projects which was collecting dust on my computer. I had the same ideas with this one but was more steppy and hard hitting.


What recent events have you played and what are your plans for the rest of 2015 / 2016?

Hopefully I'll have more sets next year, but I played Solfest this year and supported Crissy Criss and Majistrate earlier in the year at World HQ in Newcastle but not much planned for the rest of the year other than Nu Elementz next month and getting in the studio. I've got a track coming up on Reformed Recordings new LP soon and working on a few bits for other labels but can't say much right now! 


Click Here to Listen / Buy Motiv's new EP at JunoDownload now

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